Classic Windows Shortcut Keys



For Learners:






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  • Ctrl+A = Selects the entire workspace
  • Ctrl+B = Applies or remove bold formatting
  • Ctrl+C = Copies the selected data
  • Ctrl+E = Centres the selected data
  • Ctrl+I = Applies or removes the italic formatting
  • Ctrl+N = Creates a new blank document or worksheet
  • Ctrl+O = Displays the Open dialog box to open or find a file
  • Ctrl+P = Displays the Print dialog box
  • Ctrl+S = Saves the active file with its current file name, location & file format
  • Ctrl+U = Applies or removes the underlining formatting
  • Ctrl+X = Cuts the selected data
  • Ctrl+Z = Uses the Undo command to reverse the last command performed
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For Intermediates






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  • Ctrl+F = Displays the Find & Replace dialog box (Find tab selected)
  • Ctrl+H = Displays the Find & Replace dialog box (Replace tab selected)
  • Ctrl+W = Closes the active window
  • Ctrl+HOME = Move cursor to the beginning of the document or worksheet
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For The Geeks






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  • Ctrl+Shift+: = Inserts current time hh:mm:ss AM/PM
  • Ctrl+; = Inserts current date dd/mm/yyyy
  • Ctrl+" = Copies data from the above cell
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