ServiceTracker5 – Vehicles Register


Clicking on the Vehicles button opens a list of Current vehicles. The screen shot below demonstrates the standards used throughout the system with menus, lists and colour.The user may begin typing "PM01" or "Kenworth" or other field and the quick find feature will filter the list as you type.

Each column can be sorted by clicking on a heading and every screen has a print button to provide a report with the current information on the screen. Each vehicle in ServiceTracker has a VEHICLE or FLEET # that can be clicked on anywhere in the system to open the full vehicle information, settings and history.


Vehicle Information

Clicking on the Hyperlink of a vehicle anywhere in the system opens the vehicle detail screen. This provides all information about a vehicle including registration, configuration, parts, maintenance history, nhvas infromation and running costs.

Vehicles have over 100 fields to store information including the ability to store images. 18 of these fields can be renamed to suit a fleets specific requirments for information such as ETAG #'s, Fuel Cards, PINS or Mobile numbers


The Vehicle Maintenance History report is one of over 100 reports available in ServiceTracker. This report provides the perfect summary for tenders, selling a vehicle or contractual requirements.

The report uses the start and end dates on the dashboard to show as much or as little history as required. All reports can be saved as pdf for emailing.


vehicles Dashboard

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