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Service intervals may be set with for vehicles in a combination of Km's, Days or Hours. Each vehicle is linked to a service "Group" containing the service interval information, settings to flag yellow and red and specific service checklist items to appear on a A,B,C,D or E jobcard when printed.

Each vehicle will turn yellow to indicate that a service is approaching, then red when due. ServiceTracker will determine which kind of Service is due and can be double clicked to automatically generate a jobcard for the specific vehicle.


Service Information

The Service Detail screen automatically displays any outstanding repairs and recent service history. If configured, ServiceTracker will automatically add the required parts for the service and deduct stock from inventory. A service can be quickly retrieved for by Repairer, Fault Number, Service # or Invoice number.

The completed ServiceTracker job card or invoice may be scanned and attached for quick retrieval by using either the bulk scanning module or by attaching via hyperlink.Any repairs or tyre information from the service can be logged as completed or flagged to be repaired at a later date or next service.


Service Jobcards

The Service Jobcard contains key vehicle information including make, model, VIN, engine number and Service GroupThe Service Items appearing on the job card: change oil, change filters etc. are set for all vehicles in a specific Service Group or on an indivdual basis.

Any outstanding repairs for a vehicle are listed with additional options that may be enabled including: Start & Finish Times, Additonal Notes, Blank Parts List, Tyregramâ„¢ tyre diagram and parts required.Each Service has a unique number "S-4" in the sample below for easy tracking and exceeding NHVAS requirements.


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