ServiceTracker5 – Repairs


ServiceTracker Repairs may be used purely for recording faults or as a fault management system. Just like a Service, Repairs have a unique Number for traceability and can also store a fault number from a operators fault/request book. Repairs are opened in ServiceTracker and will remain in the Repairs Open Register until they are Closed or No Further Action is required. Repairs may be flagged as normal, high or urgent priority.

Repairs may also be deferred until next service or a later date. Repairs are categorised by type for easy retrieval and to quickly identify any potential warranty claims. As soon as a category is selected, ServiceTracker will provide a list of the last time that item/category was recorded for the current vehicle. ServiceTracker is pre-installed with sample categories that may be altered or expanded as required.


Pivot Tables

The Repairs Pivot Table looks and behaves just like a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Users can quickly search for information such as "How many batteries have we replaced int he last 12 months?"

This powerful tool can be used to query repairs history across Vehicle Groups, Repair Type (category), repairer and individual vehicles.