ServiceTracker 5 – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We have trucks, loaders, screens, dozers, scrapers, utes and cars. Can ServiceTracker manage all of these?

ServiceTracker can manage any type of equipment that requires periodic maintenance. Trucks, Trailers, Dozers, Scrapers, Drill Rigs, Cars, Gen Sets, Horticultural equipemnt... anything that costs money to run.

Is there alot of work required to setup and configure ServiceTracker?

As part of our installation and configuration process, we collate as much data as we can and import it into your system prior to installation and training. This includes vehicle registers, service checklists and suppliers. Our goal is to have you using the system to generate/record maintenance activities within 4 hours of installation (after the first training session).

How do I know if our server and computers can run ServiceTracker?

As ServiceTracker is built on the Microsoft Access 2007 framenwork, Any computer with Windows XP or later AND Microsoft Office 2007 or later installed is capable of running ServiceTracker. You do not need MS Access installed on your Server unless you are using RDP or Citrix.

Can I control access for different users?

Yes. Outside of the core system (Service, Repairs, Tyres and Fuel) the user access can be controlled for each option - Employees, NHVAS, Scans, Financial & Inventory. We also have read only logins available and a user may be restricted to a single depot/group if required.

Can I export data to other programs?

Yes. ServiceTracker allows you to export any report to Microsoft XL and several other formats. Users can also create custom queries to filter specific data.

Can I use ServiceTracker on my IPad, Apple Mac or Android Tablet?

Yes through client technology such as RDP or Citrix. If you don't have a server capable of this, we provide "cloud" hosting for ServiceTracker for a small monthly fee.

How often are updates or new versions released?

We release updates to ServiceTracker 5 approximately every 12 months. Updates include new features, system enhancements and any required bug fixes. A new version of the software is released every 2-3 years.

How do I organise a demonstration or trial of ServiceTracker?

Please call us on 1800 100 941 to arrange a hosted trial through our cloud hosting service or an online system walkthrough.