Why use LogChecker?

LogChecker is an easy to use web based fatigue management tool used to assist in meeting your compliance and accreditation requirements. The Diary Page style interface allows  “Click & Drag” entry of driver hours. LogChecker can assist your company in maintaining fatigue compliance for drivers, and other personnel in the Chain of Responsibility.

  • Checking driver diary compliance with Standard, BFM, 2UP or WA driving hours
  • Check for breaches against the assigned rule
  • Help demonstrate operator compliance
  • Check start/stop/break times
  • Check trip plan driving hour compliance
  • Demonstrate a “Reasonable Steps” defence
  • Accreditation Summaries, including NCR/CAR reports
  • Manage NCR/CAR follow up actions
  • Enter or edit pages for one, 7 and/or 14 days at a time
  • Manage driver medicals with expiry reminders
  • Manage driver licenses with expiry reminders
  • Reduce Operator and Driver exposure to fatigue risk
  • Provide assistance with driver and staff education