Gearbox Fleet Maintenance Software

Software for better fleet management.

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Fleet maintenance made easy

Easily track maintenance for any kind of vehicle, plant or equipment that requires periodic servicing or inspections - as well as Repairs, Tyres, Fuel and Prestart's.

More than just functional and reliable, simplicity and usability is everything.

From the developers of ServiceTracker, Gearbox makes fleet maintenance easier and more accessible than ever.


Your fleet under control


Warnings for expiries of registrations, permits, components or inspections and services due. Services can be based on kms, hours, days or a combination of all three.

Configure Gearbox for the intervals and warnings required for each type of equipment based on utilisation or manufacturers' specifications.

Opt in for nightly emails to keep you up to date wherever you are. The perfect partner for NHVAS accreditation.

Maintenance history

Quickly and easily run maintenance history searches or reports for any equipment in summary or detail form.

There are also prompts for warranty items - so you don't pay for things you shouldn't.

As soon as you raise a repair and select the code, Gearbox will display all history for that code.


Running costs


Track running costs by cents per km or $ per hour across Service, Repairs, Tyres and Fuel.

Group vehicles together by type, make or depot to compare apples with apples.

Create sub groups where assets contain subcomponents such as an agitator with a barrel or truck with trailers for an individual and full rig running costs.

Mass & maintenance management

We've pioneered the way fleets operate mass and maintenance management.

Gearbox Automates Quarterly Compliance Reviews.

Stop all the spreadsheets and paperwork by having a single system for Vehicle Registers, Non Conformances, Training Records, Fault Management, Servicing Compliance and more.