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Keep your company efficient with FreightTracker transport management software

Customer Portal

FreightTracker customer portal

Providing your customers with web portal access to the operations platform has many advantages to both you and your customer.

Your costs are reduced as they enter the job data and reduce in-bound phone calls. Your risk profile is reduced as they nominate key job details such as job type and delivery windows.

Customers can enter the data when they want, and can nominate delivery times which are suitable for them.

You can give clients access via your current website or via one we can build for you. In either case you can use this process as an opportunity to keep the client informed of the latest happenings at your company.

By giving clients access to job and leg status, invoice details and to nominate empty container pick ups, you will see a quick return on investment.




We believe FreightTracker is the best container TMS around. It's built for people who know transport and not people who know IT.

From easy booking creation to automatic job rating and straightforward allocation, the system allows your users to focus on the real work. FreightTracker has many triggers to communicate with the client which cuts down on phone interruptions.

To make our container transport module even more effective, we have integrated with key players in the market. With 1-Stop we can keep the system updated with Vessel schedules and also automatically get your held/clear status and PRA status for exports. We also integrate with CargowiseEDI to allow your freight forwarders to push bookings into the system without sending you an email.


Driver App


The FreightTracker driver app is designed knowing that a driver needs to focus on getting the container from point A to point B and is not interested in spending time typing into a phone. For that reason it is as simple as you can get.

The driver has only one button to press at any time. That button is the next one in his process – Accept, Arrive Pickup, Depart Pickup, Arrive Dropoff, Depart Dropoff.

The allocator in the office simply assigns a job to the driver and the rest is easy. The app has a sign on glass functionality that appears when needed. All times and status' are immediately updated in the FreightTracker system, giving office staff immediate feedback.




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