easyallocate project management

Managing hundreds of pieces of hardware and employees across multiple job sites is not easy… unless you are using easyAllocate.


The asset (and employee) management module in easyAllocate allows site managers to view the utilisation of assets and people. Site managers can place a request for something they need at a certain time, which can be approved or denied by company managers. Assets can be deactivated due to maintenance and employees can have holidays, RDO’s and sick time managed as well.

Our simple drag/drop allocation screen is very visual and makes it clear to both site and company managers what is and isn't available.




Our transport module is focused on bulk haulage. You can create a job for a customer to move 30t of gravel and then allocate that to vehicles load by load using our simple drag / drop interface. As loads are completed you can see how many are left to do. You can also segment your fleet into different vehicle / trailer types. The colour code system in easyAllocate will alert you when jobs are overdue. Recurring jobs can be flagged as ‘favourites’ to be recreated easily.

Project Diary

The project diary module allows you to manage your project budgets and timing. Set a master budget for the project then have your site engineers update progress in % of each task weekly. Additionally they can allocate the hours that their staff and assets were used on each activity giving you a costing. EasyAllocate then uses a combination of the cumulative costing and progress to calculate project efficiency and whether you're ‘on track’.

Managers and project leaders can see weekly (or even daily) the progress and get early indicators of budget blowouts.


Module Tracking

Module tracking is designed for pieces of equipment that are made up of smaller components. At the highest level, they can be allocated to a job site or even attached to a large piece of equipment (eg. a GPS unit on a Grader). The key point is that they are made up of smaller components that also need to be tracked. So at any time you can know where the item of equipment is and which components are in it.

Additionally you can raise trouble tickets either at the item or component level and log swapping components in and out of the item.

Timesheet Tracking

In fluid job situations, you need an easy way to track both the work times of the staff but also the activities that those work hours were used on. Using mobile tablet devices and barcode or NFC (Near Field Communication) staff can tag on / off each day. At the end of the day, they can allocate their hours to both a job site and activities at that site. Then the project manager can review and sign off. At a higher level, the payroll staff can view exception reporting and approve the payroll before sending into the finance system for processing.

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