Monthly Archives: January 2013

Windows Function Keys

      The function keys are located at the top of the keyboard and are used in combination with other keys such as the Ctrl, Alt & Shift keys. [row_column] For Learners: [col_14]       [/col_14] [col_34][starlist] F1 : Opens HELP for the current displayed program. F2:  Highlights the name of a selected…
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Web Browser Shortcuts

This is where you become a real Jedi of shortcuts. It just takes a little while to learn these, but once you do, your browsing will be super-fast. Here are some of my personal faves. [starlist] Spacebar (page down) Shift-Spacebar (page up) Ctrl+F (find) Alt-N (find next) Ctrl+D (bookmark page) Ctrl+T (new tab) Ctrl+K (go to…
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